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K-9 Units


Dogs Help Law Enforcement Keep Our Streets Safe!

The Raleigh Kennel club has a long history of supporting both the Wake County Sheriff's department as well as the Raleigh Police Department K-9 units.  RKC members are excited when they visit with us occasionally and are always amazed at the dog’s capabilities and the dedication the law enforcement officers have for the care of the dogs and the close bond the officers build with their working dogs.

RKC Awarded for Support of K-9 Units
RKC has assisted the Raleigh Police Department’s K-9 unit in the purchase of eight trained police dogs. These are professional working dogs trained to accommodate varying requirements of law enforcement. They use their keen sense of smell to locate bombs and drugs, and they also are trained to attack on command. Each dog lives with an officer’s host family and routinely travels with him/her on patrol. In addition to helping with the purchase of the dogs, RKC assists with many of the dogs veterinary expenses after retirement.

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