Raleigh Kennel Club, Inc.

Microchip Clinic

RKC participates frequently in the Veterinary Students Dog Olympics which is sponsored by the North Carolina School of Veterinary Medicine.  We support and encourage responsible pet care and ownership. To assist the community RKC covers all costs including the microchip and the lifetime AKC registration.  The veterinary students, supervised by a local licensed veterinarian, inserts the microchip at no cost.  We believe this to be very important in enhancing a strong cooperative working relationship between AKC affiliated dog clubs and the veterinary teaching community.

Because this is a free community service, we ask that you limit your request to only one (1) Chip per family unit, address, partners set. We want to benefit as many individual families as possible with in the amount of chips we are able to purchase from our dog club’s funds. On a total basis we have micro-chipped over 700 dogs since the inception of this program.

Bill Hazelrigg and Scott Lucas waiting to have their dogs microchipped.

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