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Chinese Crested on a teeter totter.

Many club members have fun competing in AKC Agility events.  Agility is a sport involving both the handler and a dog where the handler directs the dog through obstacles in a race for both time and accurancy.  The handler's controls are limited to body signals and voice requiring exceptional training skills and a bond between the handler and the dog. The courses are created by the judge and vary depending on the level of competition.  The most common courses are:
  • Standard - typicially includes many different types of obstacles including tunnels, a-frame, jumps, weaves, dog walk, teeter totter, chute, and table
  • Jumpers - typically includes jumps and weaves

AKC offers various levels of competition including Novice, Open, Excellent, and Master titles, and to learn more about Agilty please visit the AKC Agility web site.

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